Hidden Waves

1. Can you describe the story of Hidden Waves? Name was inspired by hidden waveforms on the Ensoniq ESQ-1, Einstein’s (now proven) prediction of gravitational waves, hidden waves in the ocean, sound waves etc I started the label to release music by Travancore which is a live hardware jam collaboration between me & 2 friends. […]

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Xephem Records

1.Can you describe the story of Xephem records? The story of Xephem is very simple really. I was getting pretty sick of getting spammed on soundcloud with fake accounts commenting on my tracks and seeing the same happening to similar artists. I thought that the best way to tackle this was to create a community […]

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1. Can you describe the story of SEAGRAVE? For a long time, Seagrave was supposed to be a drone and electronics project by myself and Andy (aka SOLO1). We went to school together in the 80s and Seagrave was the name of a place Andy grew up in, but also had all these other connotations […]

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Dar Embarks

1. Can you describe your story? Kenneth Zawacki & Daniel Jugel went to high school just outside of Chicago. Which lead to them to hear about underground raves. These parties in the mid 1990’s are the foundation of Dar Embarks’ music. After the 90’s raves in Chicago were made illegal we did not participate in […]

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