This week, we had the good fortune to meet Oliver Ho. Oliver went through many names such as Life, Bridland, Seeker, Raudive, Veil, Id, Zov Zov and English Broken Club. After his set at Berlin Atonal, he accepted an interview with us. Let’s go back to the beginning!

1- Could you introduce yourself please?
My name is Oliver Ho. I am a musician and artist.

2- Why did you choose to keep Broken English Club as your principal name?
I like the sound of it, it reminds me of some kind of punk band, also the collection of words together creates a feeling and world in my head. Collections of words are like objects on a table, I like this arrangement. There is also a certain idea about « England » in my music. I live in England and myths and fictions are inspirations to my writing process. The countryside, the seaside, the city… the idea of a place being broken and damaged. I think that is something a lot of people can relate to.

3- Why did you choose to stop with the names ID and Seeker after using them only one time?
A name can be part of the imagery and art that I am creating. It’s part of the track and the sound, so when I use a lot of different names, even if I use the name only once, it describes what I feel when I am making the music. I love the idea of summoning spirits or evocation of demons. These names I use like that, they are the person I am when I am making the music. They are the name of the process.

4- When exactly did you start to produce? 
I started making music when I was about 14. When I was that age I was playing guitar and into death metal, and punk music. Later, I was seduced by electronic music and my first record came out in 1996 when I was 22.

5- Can you explain to us the evolution from house ( 2001 under the name of Birdland) to EDM industrial music ( under the name of Broken English Club) ?
The Birdland stuff was a reflection of my love of jazz music, African music and house music. Actually, I still love all these genres. The project was a way of me exploring some very different ideas to the techno I had been making for blueprint and meta. It was the name of the spirit I was evoking, the name of the place I wanted to visit. Since 2001, I have wanted to explore lot of places and discover different inner worlds through using different names. In 2015, I was revisiting a lot of my teenage music like Godflesh, Napalm Death, and sonic youth and stuff like, this was mixing with more recent discoveries like post punk stuff bands like Ike Yard and Suicide. This eventually led to the creation of Broken English Club. In my mind BrokEn English Club isn’t EBM, it’s techno through the filter of death metal and noise. It’s my way of re-imagining techno as a hybrid of things close to my heart.

6- How do you deal with the distribution when you put out EPs by yourself?
I have had a few labels over the years but I still run one now, it’s called Death & Leisure. It’s on the more experimental side of electronic music, I have had releases from Karl O’Connor/Regis, Veronica Vasicka, Years of Denial and my own music.

7- We are curious to know your first inspirations. You went through so many styles… Even if you put out pure techno EPs under the name of LIFE in 1999. Tell me more about your first inspirations
My first inspirations were a lot of metal, and punk bands, after that I got really into Brian Eno, and Autechre and Seafeel, a lot of early warp records, and then after that detroit techno, also lot of tribal music from Africa, percussive music from Japan and South pacific.

8- Why did you change your name to become Raudive? Because it’s still techno even if a little bit minimal sometimes
The Raudive name was a way of making « psychoactive » music that was a lot slower but still techno, also making music that had a lot more space in it. I wanted to move away from fast dense techno, as this felt like it was becoming too predictable and conservative. It’s always important for me to stretch myself and try new things, to say things using different sounds. I think I have made a lot of different styles over the years, but at the same time, I think there is a single voice there, a thread running though. There is always a simplicty to a lot of my music and a love of repetition.

9- Your EP under the names Veil and Zov zov are experimental. Could you describe your creative process to produce experimental songs? Why did you stop with experimental? 
I haven’t stopped making experimental music, Zov Zov is still an active project and there is a new album coming very soon. I would say a lot of the Broken English Club stuff is also quite experimental in particular the first release on my label Death & Leisure. It’s called Myth of Steel and Concrete.

10- What are your upcoming plans?
My upcoming plans are a new Zov Zov album coming on a special label! But I can’t say yet. Also two new releases on my label, one is a split 12” from Years of Denail, and a new artist called Maenad Veyl. Then I will release a guitar/noise project that I have done.

11- Do you have other hobbies? 
I play a lot of blues guitar and I paint sometimes too.

12- Can you give to us your five favorites labels and five EDM tracks?
my 5 favourite labels are:

13- Would you like to share anything else? 


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