Phonocast 288 : Orsett ( English)

This week, Phonocast takes the road towards Switzeland. Between mountains and wilds, we can find a man called Orsett. Member of the collective Traffic, which hosted parties with the likes of Beppe Loda, Raphael Top-Secret and DJ Normal 4, Orsett marks down under this 57 minutes through an eclectic beat. From Afrika to Italy, stopping on philosophy class, Orsett is always surrendering ourselves. Remember we have already discovered his productions with a breakbeat mix. His music thesis appeals to many places such as Rocking Chair, Romandie or Montreux festival. However, the city of Paris stays a good inspiration for the dj. In fact, fan of the 80’s songs, the records shop Benito and Superfly open their arms to the Swiss. To become witness of his inspirations, you can push the play bottom. Enjoy!

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