Xephem Records

1.Can you describe the story of Xephem records?
The story of Xephem is very simple really. I was getting pretty sick of getting spammed on soundcloud with fake accounts commenting on my tracks and seeing the same happening to similar artists. I thought that the best way to tackle this was to create a community and come together to support each other’s work. By setting up a « label » that anybody has the opportunity to be featured on is exciting because we are all watching it to see if we have been featured and all digging the music that does get uploaded. Whenever I get sent a demo I listen to the whole thing and appreciate the submission. I enjoy the fact that somebody is getting recognition for their work.

2.What other artists are with your label?
The artists in the label are ever changing really, I ask the regular’s whether they are up for putting more out (such as Cranko PoP, Chalybs, Tunnel One and Leotrix) but generally it’s a release from myself and whoever else is interested.

3.When was Xephem records born?
Xephem Records was born about two year ago, I can’t remember exactly when to be honest.

4.Which gear do you use to produce?
When I [®adår] produce music I use some pretty low end stuff to be honest. I’ve recently bought a Yamaha DX21 which I love, you can get some lush sounds from it. Alongside that I use a MicroKorg, a Korg Volca Beats, an Arturia Microbrute, some Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators and a selection of VST’s. I love Arturia’s ARP 2600 VST. As far as sequencing goes I use Renoise as my DAW.

5.In which cities have you played?
I don’t really gig that often, my type of music isn’t exactly mainstream enough to get away with where I live unfortunately. I tend to just to 40 minute sets in my local bars when everybody is loose enough to give it a try.

6.Give me 3-5 songs which inspire you…
Favourite artists:
Aphex Twin, Wagon Christ, Autechre, Coil, Matt Berry, The Necks
Favourite Labels:
Warp, Rephlex
Favourite songs:
Wagon Christ – Bend Over
The Tuss – Last Rushup 10
Matt Berry – Music for Insomniacs Part 1
Coil – Pretty Little Horses

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