1. Can you describe the story of SEAGRAVE?
For a long time, Seagrave was supposed to be a drone and electronics project by myself and Andy (aka SOLO1). We went to school together in the 80s and Seagrave was the name of a place Andy grew up in, but also had all these other connotations we thought were fun, yet which have little do with a specific place. Since we started the label, people have read so much into the name (the concepts of ‘Sea’ and ‘Grave’), even though after an itital pisstake, we don’t really encourage it all that much now. The label is really the result of knowing so many artists and producers over the last twenty years, some of whom are involved in bigger projects but enjoy the relative anonymity that using a pseudonym on a small tape/vinyl label offers them. We still do take the piss quite a bit tho.

2. Why did you launch a tape label?
We have been mostly about tapes, but did release a vinyl 12″ for BOA (Best Available Technology & Ovis Aurum) in 2015. We have several more vinyl 12″s coming out in the next 6-12 months, mostly by bigger names, such as Broshuda and Kinlaw, with a top secret special guest or two [laughs]. Tapes offer young producers a physical release which has become a strange show of faith and commitment in today’s creative economy, whilst at once indicating a regressive tendency culturally that should be overcome and /or exhausted in many ways. Tape does sound nice though.

3. Who were the founding members? How did you get started?
Seagrave was founded and remains run by myself (I record as Blood Room, Blood Mute and IXTAB) and my old mate Andy (who records as SOLO1).

4. What other artists are with your label?
Take a look at and also our Bandcamp. Many of the artists who have released with us will be doing more than one release with us, so we see the line-up as something of a ‘roster’, plus a dozen or so other ace people who have yet to be listed on the website have entrusted us with really nice gear that will emerge in the next 12 months or so.

5. When was SEAGRAVE born?
In September 2014 we put out or first release, a split tape/digital for Best Available Technology and Ovis Aurum. But the label was really something bubbling under for a long long time. We had accumulated friends and material over the last decade or so, longer in some cases. For example, I met Paul Cignol in 1993.

6. Do you have other labels? For example, a record label?
We are involved in other projects, yes. Some of them will remain a bit clandestine. Good fun isn’t it?

7. Which gear do you use to produce?
Personally, for me: Blood Room draws mostly on sampled records, tapes and film soundtracks after the mode of first-wave hip-hop, often as a piss-take of ‘dark’ aesthetics, but also incorporates a heavily circuit-bent / pro-modded Casio Sk-1 keyboard, a Korg Kaoss Pad (KP1), an ailing Peto Scott reel-to-reel tape machine, a Mac Book Pro running Ableton Live and various shareware plug-ins, plus whatever intstrumentation my collaborators might currently be in possession of (I just recorded a couple albums worth of material with my mate TANS in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Amongst other assorted legendary bits and bobs, that fella has some seriously nice modular gear, plus an E-mu Drumulator and a Yamaha RM1X. Proper classics for electronic music and gear heads).

8. In which cities have you played?
Although it wasn’t called that, Blood Room was a spoof project I did in various locations for the amusement of friends during my long student years (UK, Germany, US – Denmark too), but was never a serious ‘live’ show, more a repository for wonky trax and occasional hybrid DJ affair and will probably remain that way until I / we feel it is time to transform it / starpit n tidy up.

9. What are you scheduling for the future?
Numerous but mostly involve taking the piss with some sort of sonic / graphic bias.

10. Give me 3-5 songs that inspire you… Or labels, artists…
Bernard Parmegiani
Jamal Moss / Hieroglyphic Being
Mhah Mos
Person of Interest – What You Think You Want
+ all my homies making crazie sonics here there n everywhere.

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