Hidden Waves

1. Can you describe the story of Hidden Waves?
Name was inspired by hidden waveforms on the Ensoniq ESQ-1, Einstein’s (now proven) prediction of gravitational waves, hidden waves in the ocean, sound waves etc
I started the label to release music by Travancore which is a live hardware jam collaboration between me & 2 friends. Then, I approached fellow Melbournian Dan White aka Rings Around Saturn for an ambient album. I have a few more releases roughly planned but the beauty of releasing on cassette rather than vinyl is you can keep it more fresh & spontaneous.

2. Do you have other labels?

3. How were the founding members? How did you get started?
I’m the founder, I release music under the name Kloke & have recently started making music under the name Colours Of Infinity.

4. What other artists are with your label?
So far there has been albums by Travancore, Rings Around Saturn and a new compilation with some existing & new artists. There are forthcoming releases from Smax & Colours Of Infinity this year.

5. When was Hidden Waves born?
The 1st release was November 2014.

6. Which gear do you use to produce?
Personally, I use mainly hardware machines from 70s & 80s – Juno 6, ESQ-1, Space Echo, Boss DR-110, Yamaha MR10, a few cheap Casio keyboards & loads of guitar pedals. I just record live takes into soundforge & jam over the top.

7. In which cities have you played?
Artists on the label have played around Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York, Europe.. probably a few other places I’m unaware of.

8. What are you scheduling for the future?
To release interesting, unusual, heavy, emotional, otherworldly, psychedelic, brain melting noise 😉

9. Give me 3-5 songs which inspire you… Or labels, artists…
Carl Sagan, Phillip K Dick, Old music equipment & John Carpenter films.

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