Dar Embarks

1. Can you describe your story?
Kenneth Zawacki & Daniel Jugel went to high school just outside of Chicago. Which lead to them to hear about underground raves. These parties in the mid 1990’s are the foundation of Dar Embarks’ music. After the 90’s raves in Chicago were made illegal we did not participate in the dance scene for another 10 years. It was mostly bad house and bland techno we did not care for. We spent time playing scumy art parties and basements in various projects and bands. But thankfully once again it’s time to bang!

2. Can you describe your beginning?
Although Daniel & Kenneth have been programming synths & drum machines together in various projects since they were 16 years old (www.discogs.com/artist/107455-Ghost-Arcade). Ken started Dar Embarks as a solo project. Ken brought in Dan to assist in a live set and Dan quickly became a permanent fixture of the project.

3. How do you choose the name of your music?
That is a secret.

4. Are you with a label?
We do not run a label. But we have worked some amazing labels. We have released music on Stilove4music, CLEAR (USA, Fun In The Murky & have a forthcoming release on Anthony Parasole’s label The Corner.

5. Can you describe a basic studio session?
We produce all our tracks live. No multi-tracking on computers. If we make any mistakes we stop and try again.

6. There is something else you’d like to add?
Go to your friends shows. That is what we do. There is a lot of phonies in dance music. Maybe a lot of phonies everywhere but there is a special bread we have run into. It’s all good though. When they are gone we will still be here.

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