Broken Call Records – Gaul Plus

1. Can you describe the story of Broken Call Records?
I guess the name came out of a personal frustration with seeing peoples inability to connect with certain music. Sometimes, I felt like the whole BK scene was yelling at walls for their own therapeutic reasons, and I just couldn’t understand how more people weren’t clamoring to decipher what was going on.

2. Can you make a short presentation about you?
I’m originally from San Francisco and have been residing in New York for just over 4 years. I’ve been making music under different Monikers for about 6 years, everything from Grime to Noise to Techno, but my interaction with New York music scene proved to be very invigorating and made me want to start fresh.

3. What other artists are with your label?
Eduardo Unz, Nick Klein, POI, Rosemary Arp, Segv, The Wet Taxis, J Albert, Angel de la Guardia, Mondkopf, Greg Z. I met them all through late nights and globalization basically. Some I’m lucky enough to call good friends, others I just admired from afar and was lucky enough that they chose to work with me. Genre means absolutely fuckall to me, I’m just connected to music that sounds alive, based in nature, and beyond that it can really be anything.

4.In which cities have you played?
Mostly illegal spots, but Bossa Nova, Sunnyvale, Output and many more in NYC, Stattbad in Berlin, MORE in Tokyo, Nightlight in Carrboro, Public Works in SF, and a basement in Montreal.

5. Give me your best record stores
Material World in BK, Big Love in Tokyo because they carry BC and are in Tokyo which is a very good place.

6. Can you describe the vibes in NYC right now?
The vibes are great in NY, it’s truly incredible how many talented people there are living here, and most of them are incredibly kind and generous with their time and experience. There’s a great foundation for every type of music here, very few cities where you can start your evening at bar listening to power electronics and finish it in a warehouse wit some breaks or jersey house or whatever almost every night.

7. Can you explain the electronic scene in San Francisco?
Haven’t lived there in years. Definitely not as bountiful a scene as a lot of other cities, but RS, Club Lonely, and Honey Soundsystem seem to be doing their best rallying against the war being waged on anything and everything creative in that city.

8. How and when did you get into electronic music?
I was mostly a rap fan growing up but it was probably always seeing PsychicTV, Aphex Twin, NIN, Butthole Surfers, Prodigy, Portishead and shit on MTV growing up that first made me comfortable with the sound. The main wave came though when I bought Dizzee Rascal-Boy in da Corner when I was in high school. That got me into all forms of english dance music within a few years, and all the Detroit/Chicago connections came soon after. The other huge influence came when I bought Atrax Morgue – Woundfucker just based on the cover art and that shit changed me forever.

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